September 6, 2020

Live Stream

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  1. Testimony: The Bible-reading schedule these last couple weeks has been amazing, to me, specifically in Mark, to see how very, very *patient* our Lord is, in teaching us things … and reteaching, when we don’t get it.

  2. Read this in Pslam 37:39 “But the salvation of the righteousness is of the Lord, he is our strength in time of trouble.” This was an encouraging verse for our family to know that God is our strength and we can trust and depend on him during this time.

  3. Rejoicing in the precious promises of God’s Word. Such as, Hebrews 13:5b -He hath said, I will never lead thee, nor forsake thee.

  4. Didn’t realize I could leave a comment. We wish we could be there in person. Our church family is so important to us and we miss everybody! Continue to pray for our neighbors. Morgan has been asking about our services and what we are doing at this time. I’m going to encourage her to listen to our live stream services.. we have been right here for every service and they have been a great encouragement to us..
    Thank you Pastor!

  5. I sure am looking forward to the time when I can see all your smiling faces again. Have a Happy Resurrection Sunday.

  6. Robin Oberman wants to praise the Lord for God’s creation this week! There was a beautiful very bright moon Tuesday night, called the super moon or pink moon.
    Also I thank the Lord that my husband was not a part of the employees being furloughed at BJU.
    I’m also thankful to have been able to see my little ones from a distant this week! How I miss them!
    And lastly I’m sure all of us church members are thankful for the mailing of our bulletin and prayer sheets! Thanks to those who’ve put in all the hard work for that! And of course as a lady I think the Lord for the online LMPG stream! Such a such a blessing!

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